Spoiling your child at the store

I took my son to the store. He wanted a toy. I bought it for him. He’s only five months old. Am I spoiling him already? We talk about it in this video:

And here’s the picture auntie took of Champ sleeping on his tiger at IKEA:

What do you think? Good buy? Bad habit? When did your kids start asking for things at stores? How often do you give in?

5 thoughts on “Spoiling your child at the store”

  1. I could waste a whole morning critiquing this garbage, but I’ll try to cut to the chase. First, it’s difficult for me to tell if your liberal or conservative, and that is cause for great concern – you could be a moderate (far worse than either). While you seem to be dead on with your sentiments about taking over other countries and family values, I’m real suspicious of “stay at home dad’s”. Isn’t that the female domain? As a former stay at home dad myself, I don’t condone parading your kids around for pleasure/profit (who knows what you’re really up to here?) – do you really want to raise the next Miley Cyrus – BTW, can I buy a Kitt T-shirt at IKEA? From a technical stand point, I commend the audio, there’s a lot of video posted that is completely inaudible. However, you could interject a few video, or still shot, clips. Why should I have to scroll down to view Kitt sleeping. BTW, I also have roots in Belleville. If you’ve ever read the reader comments at BND.com, I’m sure you knew from my poignant and coherent “style” looked familiar. Seriously, good luck with this endeavor. I enjoyed the humor and geographic/cultural insight. Can’t wait ’til Kitt is old enough to anchor.

  2. I think the comment above is a bit rediculous. I am a big fan of your blog and read it all the time, and even though I’m an at home mom, I feel I can relate to a lot of your comments. As far as spoiling your son I don’t think you can at 5 months. They don’t understand the concept of buying things at the store so I don’t think it’s the same as a 5 yr old begging for a new toy. My son is 4 months and at this point I’ll buy him or give him anything that seems to strike his fancy. He even has his own remote (took out the batteries of course). I think at this age it’s all about getting them to like things and explore their environment. Good for you for getting the tiger, I would have done the same. Also who cares about your political association, I think your commentary is ment to be funny not political.

    1. Thanks, Cathryn! One advantage daycare parents have is that their babies get to test-drive a lot of toys. You and I get stuck making more purchasing decisions based on packaging and product reviews. In that sense, Champ’s reaction to the tiger is definitely a good thing. And the toy has been a hit – no regrets here! Still, I’m not looking forward to the day I have to tell him no, even if that day is years off.

      And thank you for defending me from the comment above. It was left by my uncle, a well-meaning oldster who unfortunately learned to comment from reading local newspaper websites. He may have some valid points about video editing (I just posted raw video here), but I’m pretty sure he’s never been to IKEA.

  3. My daughter is 16 month old and in January, she meet the same tiger (we call it lion though lol) in Ikea. she was in my arms, she reached for it and since it has never left her, it’s her best friend ! Glad to find someone that has about the same story 🙂
    Pity Ikea discontinued that toy!
    As for spoiling kids, there’s always a limit (that’s often the purse limit) but sometimes spoiling them is spoiling ourselves; making them happy by buying something, even though it’s a bit materialistic, can make us happy. It doesn’t mean that you can’t teach your child that he/she can’t have everything. As long as you’re reasonable, it’s fine!

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