Champ’s first food

The Champ is six months old now, and until today he hadn’t eaten anything but breast milk. That’s thanks to an incredible amount of effort, planning and patience on Mom’s part. But there comes a time when every boy must take his first step toward eating like a man.

I’m proud to say that Champ ate his first solid food today (if pureed into a fine mush counts as “solid”), and he handled it like, well, a champ. Here’s a video of this milestone, with some tips on how to make your own puree:

A couple of notes: I didn’t order him a a supreme Doritos Locos Taco. I figure a lot of kids don’t like sour cream and tomatoes until they’re older. Also, in retrospect, I think I should have started him on Mild sauce instead of Fire. He seemed to like the taste, but it gave him the toots later in the evening.

The thing to remember here is don’t let anyone tell you what your child can’t do. People like doctors and police officers and physicists are always imposing limitations. I propose a new parenting philosophy of constant bar-raising. Always pushing. Never saying “You probably shouldn’t” or “That’s enough.”

Because taking it easy is for old people. And if you refuse to force awesomeness onto your babyperson, you’ll miss out on moments like this:

APRIL FOOLS UPDATE: I guess I need to clarify that I DIDN’T REALLY FEED A BABY A TACO. What Champ eats in the video is sweet potatoes, and he had already been eating baby oatmeal for weeks. Parents, always follow the advice of your pediatrician.

And for adults, I do not recommend pureeing your tacos.

6 thoughts on “Champ’s first food”

  1. You are a horrible parent and should be put in jail you f—ing sick individual! Doctors tell us that babies should eat bland first foods for a reason! Their tummies can’t tolerate most foods yet..hence the gas he had later! Good job on giving the kid his first ulcer…moron! I bet you don’t vaccinate either, right? Yeah, you’re probably one of those parents. You need serious help! Stop being a sh—y dad andstart doing right by your kid! You fat, disgusting pig!

    1. Hi Dana,

      I added an update to the post. I would like you to know that Champ has received all his recommended vaccines, and his tummy is doing just fine. I realize many people are passionate about proper child care (I’m one of them), and I’ve taken some extra steps to make it more obvious that this is a joke.

      Thank you for reading,

  2. Dear Tim, it is obvious that some people have no sense of humor. I laughed so hard and wondered how you did such a terrific job editing! I knew something was up when you said how orange it was! Babies first foods are usually sweet potatoes or squash!! Great video!

  3. I know LOL is really over used, but I. Did. Laugh. Out. Loud. Sense of humor is the best skill for parenting. I say that with the irrational confidence of the mother of a seven month old. Who is also just beginning to enjoy his sweet potatoes. Hugs to you three! xxoo Carly, Jesse, Luke

  4. It amazes me how people jump to really stupid conclusions. Like your six month old would like a Dorito’s Loco Taco…..yummy…

    Sometimes it really makes me wonder wth people are thinking….oh that’s right…they are usually not thinking..

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