Baby’s Bumbo: Perfect for beer growlers in the car

Thanks to a new Arizona law that allows bars and liquor stores to sell draught beer in take-home containers, all my friends are buzzing about growlers. Usually a 64-ounce brown glass bottle, a growler is great for new parents who can’t waste precious babysitter time sipping craft beer in bars. A growler won’t collect dust like the other well-intentioned bottles of booze in your fridge because the beer doesn’t keep long. Honey, we have to drink this.

My go-to growler this fall has been Four Peaks Pumpkin Porter, a hard-to-find local seasonal that rivals America’s top pumpkin beers. I’ve brought home growlers for entertaining, tailgating and movie night at home. The biggest challenge is that the bottles are fragile and hard to transport in the car. Thanks to my baby son, I have a solution:

Baby's Bumbo floor seat is perfect for transporting a beer growler in the car.

I got the idea from a Facebook ad for the Growler on Board. It’s a giant foam koozie that transports and insulates up to three growlers, and it doubles as a drying rack. It reminded me of a tip-resistant mound of foam I have lying around the house — the Bumbo floor seat.

A staple of baby registries everywhere, the Bumbo allows very small babies to sit up. Babies outgrown them when they’re able to sit on their own, so ours had been demoted to decorative furniture for stuffed animals.

Turns out my instincts were good. A recent safety recall added a three-point restraint to the Bumbo, and the straps are just long enough to loop through the handle of a growler. Even with 64 ounces of beer, Bumbo won’t fall off the seat while you’re driving around town. The concave butt shape keeps beer from dribbling on your upholstery.

Don’t get me wrong — the Growler on Board is a more elegant and far cooler solution to this problem, and I’m sure it would make a great Christmas present for your favorite beer mover. But a dad’s gotta do what a dad’s gotta do.

I know what you’re thinking: Can the Bumbo handle TWO growlers? Well, the Champ and I just picked up the Pumpkin Porter for Thanksgiving dinner. It wasn’t pretty, but my babies made it home safe.

I couldn't belt them in, and I was nervous about it the whole way home.

2 thoughts on “Baby’s Bumbo: Perfect for beer growlers in the car”

  1. I just happened to Google “Beer Growler” looking for inspiration for what to do with a (pretty) empty growler, and came across your blog! I love it 1) because you ingeniously reuse the useless Bumbo for something way more brilliant and 2) you are using it to transport Four Peaks! My fav brewery! I am an ASU alum living in NJ and I can only hope to see the day that I can (legally) have Kiltlifter shipped to me!

  2. Tim, my name is Kevin Johnson, owner of Growler on Board. The Bumbo is exactly how I got the idea to make the Growler on Board the way it is made! After seeing one at a friends’ place I knew that made the most sense on how to make something. I had been flirting around with actually making a car seat (my brother in law had used their car seats for growlers), but thought it would cost way too much.

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