Imaginext Robo Batcave gets YouTube treatment

The Imaginext Robo Batcave is a 2016 Fisher-Price Super Friends playset. The $40 Toys R Us exclusive is nearly identical to the old Imaginext Robot Police headquarters, but the repaint adds a bunch of cool new details to celebrate Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

But you’re probably wondering, when did Attack of the Dad turn into a series of toy videos on YouTube?

I’ve talked to dozens of parents who share this observation with me: Our kids are obsessed with YouTube videos of adults opening and playing with preschool toys. If you have a small child and an internet connection, you know all about stuff like Disney Cars Toy Club and Play Doh surprise eggs.

Also, my son has been obsessed with Batman for three and a half of his four and a half years. The only reason it didn’t start sooner is that the human brain’s batlobe doesn’t develop until around the first birthday. His obsession sets off my natural drive to collect geeky things.

Batman v Superman BatmobileThe internet has been my No. 1 resource as a collector (shout out to the Imaginext Generation Facebook group). A bunch of like-minded adults blow up my feed with details on the latest and greatest from Fisher-Price Imaginext. The greatest, of course, is Batman.

With Batman v Superman coming in march, new Batman stuff is popping up faster than ever. Already we have LEGO sets, a BOOMco blaster, Hot Wheels and Mighty Minis, not to mention pajamas, fruit snacks and cereal. There’s so much stuff, the internet is having a hard time keeping up.

Meanwhile, I have this blog, a YouTube channel, a nice camera and a copy of iMovie.

Put it all together with the afternoon free time of a stay-at-home dad, and now we’re on the cutting edge of unboxing toys on YouTube. As of press time, nobody else is playing with the Robo Batcave. We’ll see how its popularity stacks up to my beard tips and energy drink reviews.

So I hope you and your kids enjoy the videos.

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