This Little Mermaid meme will ruin your daughter’s Ariel clothes

Please do not read to the end of this post. If you have a young daughter and she likes wearing Ariel clothes, believe me — you’re better than this.

We live in a golden age of ideas and information, but it all comes at a terrible cost. Right now, you’re looking at a magical window that can bring you all the best ideas anytime you want. The trade-off is that anyone can share any idea, no matter how dumb and bad, and sometimes we mix up the worst ideas with the best.

I’m not making a cheeky comment on American politics here, I’m disclaiming and apologizing for the dumb and awful thing I’m about to show you. I’m not doing this because it’s important. I don’t even have a strong feeling about this, other than *GROAN*, if that counts as a feeling. If you really want more *GROAN* in your life, well, I guess this is the post for you.

I’m only sharing this dumb idea because it won’t quit kicking around my head. Once I let it out, I should be able to move on to more important parenting blog posts. Also, I made a graphic depicting myself as an 8-bit King Triton. And that brings us to The Little Mermaid.

Toddler girls' Little Mermaid shirts we got from Target.
Toddler girls’ Little Mermaid shirts we got from Target.

My daughter loves Ariel. Her big brother is obsessed with Batman, and now everyone in the house represents their favorite characters on the clothes they wear. Naturally, we picked up a couple Ariel shirts from Target.

Ariel is a great choice to rival Batman in the T-shirt Wars. The Little Mermaid is a masterpiece. It’s so good that it continues to capture people’s imaginations 27 years after its release.

Some of these people have sick and terrible imaginations. And the things they imagine become internet memes.

They’re not all bad! We like hipster Ariel so much that it inspired my wife’s Halloween costume last year. “I want to be where the PBR” makes me chuckle every time.

But when Ariel strikes that iconic pose you see on the shirts, lifting herself on that rock as the waves crash behind her, some internet weirdos have imagine that her excitement extends far beyond an innocent longing to be part of the human world.

Are you still reading this?

Fine. I warned you.

Via Know Your Meme.
Via Know Your Meme.

I’m sorry, and I hope we all can move on from this.

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