Batman Unlimited Series 2 blind bag codes

We’re opening more toys! All year, the Champ and I have been collecting Batman Mighty Minis blind bags.

What’s a blind bag? A blind bag or blind box is a series of toys packaged so you can’t tell which toy is inside. I’ve written about them before. Sometimes the toy you get is pure luck, but some manufacturers help you out by printing a secret code on every package.

Mattel’s Mighty Minis have secret codes, so the Champ and I have been decoding them to help other collectors find the figures they want. I’m ashamed to admit how much of last night I spent in the toy aisle at Walmart, rifling through boxes of these things and looking for every unique code. This video is the payoff.

5 thoughts on “Batman Unlimited Series 2 blind bag codes”

    1. Hi Zoey,

      I don’t think Mashems have codes that tell you what’s inside. I’ve seen people holding the containers up to the light to try and see what character it is. But a better way to buy them is on Amazon, where you can get a 6-pack of Batman or Justice League Mashems and have the complete set. I haven’t seen these in regular stores yet.

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