The most violent video game just got a dad button

Get ready to be brutally eviscerated right in the feels. Just in time for Father’s Day, Sony debuted a gameplay trailer for the new God of War on PlayStation 4. It’s a must-watch for every parent.

As you’re watching, keep a close eye on the kid. Soak up his innocence and indecision. Watch how he skips and jumps through the snow like a real boy. And at the end, watch the harshness melt from the father’s face as he guides his son’s hand.

The dad here is Kratos, star of the franchise. He’s been a dad since the first God of War hit PlayStation 2 eleven years ago. Back then he stunk at it. Tricked by Ares, He murdered his wife and daughter. Their ashes are what make his skin white. Kratos got so mad he spent three games murdering all the Greek gods.

Now Kratos has moved north to the land of Norse gods and bushy beards. He has a new lease on life, a new axe, a new son, new monsters to fight and an amazing new gameplay feature: THE DAD BUTTON.

I’m sitting here wondering why I didn’t name my blog THE DAD BUTTON or maybe DAD OF WAR.

Dad of War and Son of War.
Dad of War and Son of War.

Sony says the boy will accompany Kratos for the whole game. And Kotaku is reporting that the player will have a dedicated button on the controller for interacting with him. I don’t know for sure that it’s triangle (see my illustration above). It could be circle.

It doesn’t matter. I couldn’t be more excited for a game that nails not only my sweet beard and impossible musculature, but moreover my philosophy of parenting with minimal effort. It doesn’t get any easier than one button!

I take down trolls. I haven’t killed a majestic elk with a bow and arrow, but my father-in-law has, and I ate some, so close enough. All Kratos needs is some hair on his head, and you could call this game Tim Simulator.

Just don’t go buying me a PS4 for Father’s Day. The 4K-capable PlayStation 4.5 is due later this year, well in advance of God of War.

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