Watch my kids grow up in a supercut of my Vine videos

I never got around to blogging about Vine, Twitter’s service for making and sharing 6-second videos that loop endlessly. I meant to recommend it to parents as a way to capture moments with their kids, sort of like the moving photographs in Harry Potter.

Parents have plenty of other options now, like Instagram video, Apple Live Photos and the new Vine Camera for Twitter, but the old Vine is going away. For posterity, I downloaded all my old Vines and smashed them together in a big supercut on YouTube. I added some titles to help with context.

What I got was a vaguely arty 27-minute film about the last four years of my life. The best part, of course, is watching my kids grow up.

Other highlights include a young Champ eating an entire banana, the first-ever footage of my daughter and the tragic story of Imaginext Batman taking the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. I’ll teach you how to warm up a bottle of milk and how to build Batman and Robin out of baby Mega Bloks. I’ve even included concert clips from Mike Doughty, the Ataris, Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers, Kitten, Phoenix and Okilly Dokilly (the all-Ned Flanders death metal band).

Anyone who makes it to the end gets a free hug. And please let me know in the comments where you share videos of your kids now that Vine is gone.

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