Teen Titans Go! Series 1 blind bag codes

We’re opening more toys, and the Hobbit is making her onscreen and voiceover debut in an all-new video about the Teen Titans Go! blind-bag mini figures from Mattel.

What’s a blind bag? You can catch up here.

Teen Titans Go! is a goofball show on Cartoon Network about a team of young superheroes lead by Robin. They often fail at protecting Jump City from B-list villains because they’re too distracted by burgers and burritos. Needless to say, I identify.

If you can handle the relentless absurdity, it’s a great show to watch with your kids. In our video, for example, we reference an episode where Cyborg and Beast Boy refuse to say anything but the word “waffles.”

Before you start your kids on Teen Titans Go!,  make sure you have a solid foundation of more traditional DC superhero fare before you start, like Batman: The Animated Series on Amazon Prime Video or Justice League on Netflix.

If you’re looking for specific figures, read the last number on the alphanumeric code embossed at the bottom edge of the back side of each package. Here’s a list of which character corresponds to each number:

1 – Raven
3 – Blackfire
5 – Robin
6 – Beast Boy (gorilla)
7 – Cyborg
8 – Starfire

We didn’t get bad-luck villain Jinx or Green Arrow’s sidekick Speedy. I would guess they’re codes 2 and 4, and you can probably feel out Jinx’s pointy head.


8 thoughts on “Teen Titans Go! Series 1 blind bag codes”

  1. Thanks! My kids both love the blind bags as a “surprise” however it stinks to see their disappointed face when it is their 3rd time to get the same ole one they already have! I also love to be that mom that is just so lucky at getting a full set of something and they have no idea I “cheated”! Lol. Thanks again teen titans go is their favorite cartoon! “Waffles”

  2. Thanks so much for posting, we hate playing the blind bags guessing game :/ Is there any chance that you will be posting the codes for Series 2 of TTG from Mattel?

    1. Dave,

      I just picked up all seven of series 2. They’re FINALLY just showing up in my area. And series 3 is even starting to show up!

      That said, the codes for series 2 are as follows:

      01 – Mammoth
      02 – Starfire (glitter eyes)
      03 – Cyborg (shocked expression)
      04 – Gizmo
      05 – Trigon
      06 – Beast Boy (cat)
      07 – Raven (Pink)

      Hope that helps!

      1. Hi guys! This is great! Series 1 seems to be accurate, I think. I have 2x series 2 B02 and B04 – which were Mammoth and ‘Secret Garden’ Cyborg. Not sure what order, but, that makes them 2, 4. So, hate to be the guy, but, I’m not sure if the series 2 list is fully accurate.

          1. Appreciate the prompt response, cheers Tim! Tbh, I cannot find these anywhere here where I live, only my Son’s Nanna keeps finding them in her travels. Series 1 lots, series 2, even one series 3. So, we’re lucky she keeps finding them. I saw on YT one of the kid’s channels had series 4?! Wish I knew in SoCal where to find any if online is a bit dodgy. I see alot of adults buying boxes after boxes on YT – I kinda wish they’d give some kids a chance to get some packets of their own. Maybe this is why they’re so hard to find?

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